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Monthly Fishery Report

August 2016

The dog days of August - a challenging month on fisheries and at times it has been so here at Rockbourne. We’ve had a dry month (only the odd rain shower) and the temperature has even been up into the 30’s on occasion and often in the mid 20’s! The best times to fish were the first 2-3 hours in the morning or the last 2-3 hours. Fish were still being caught through the middle part of the day but were definitely trickier to tempt. As is often the case in these conditions, fish were found under the trees or in the deeper holes so the conditions were great for people who loved to target the trout in close using stalking bugs/buzzers. 

Despite the tricky conditions some excellent sport has been had with a couple of double figure fish landed too. Colin Farley went against the trend and landed 9 fish in one session, Shah had tuition and caught a superb Brown Trout, John and Terry Goodman caught 6 between them and Stuart Metcalffe’s two daughters caught a fish each! Mr Futado caught three topped by a 6lb Rainbow, James Dukes had a 6lb 4oz Rainbow, season rod Graham Dyer had a 6lb’er and Mr Smith was visiting from Thailand and caught a superb Blue Trout that was also a tagged fish, which netted him £100! Stephanie visited us with her Dad and on her first go at fly fishing she caught two Rainbows with the best going 5lbs, season rod Don Penrose had a superbly conditioned 7lb 8oz Rainbow, Mike Sabine caught a lovely Brown and Dave Turvey caught a 6lb Rainbow. Chris Goodman visited us a second time and caught 6 fish in blisteringly hot conditions, Ben North caught an immaculate 7lb 12oz Rainbow, Peter Jackman caught the biggest of the month with a 11lb 4oz brute and not far behind was Graham Witt with a 10lb 8oz Rainbow. Sisters Zoe and Ella ha tuition and both caught their first trout with a Rainbow each! Zoe is a Marine Biology graduate and should soon be undertaking a PhD and she is currently helping out around the fishery, so if you see her please say hi and make her feel welcome!

The successful flies have not changed that much with all the usual suspects taking fish regularly: blue flash damsels, stalking bugs, buzzers, sunk daddy’s, PTN’s and GRHE’s all producing.

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our Facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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