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Monthly Fishery Report

October 2016

The unseasonably mild and dry weather has continuedthrough October, which has made for some very pleasant fishing conditions indeed with excellent sport enjoyed by many anglers. The cooler night dropped the water temperatures, which resulted in the fish being very active and generally fighting very hard. As with September the fish could often be found sitting high in the water, which has helped those who like to stalk fish but the Sun is lower in the sky now which can cause a lot of glare at times. The Fishery is looking wonderful in its Autumnal colours and if you sit quietly you will see plenty of songbirds such as blue tit, great tit, blackcap, nuthatch and coal tits among many others. 

The fishing continued to be fantastic with some very big fish landed by our anglers. Tom Humby caught a personal best 8lb 4oz Rainbow as part of his four fish bag, Iain caught a superb 9lb Rainbow, season rod Bob Lewis had a 6lb Blue, Terry Miles caught a 6lb Rainbow as the biggest of a six fish haul and Peter Jackman also caught a 6lb Rainbow. October also saw the first on this Winters Arctic Char being stocked and they proved to be a very popular target although not always easy to tempt with Mr Drewitt catching two and Jeremy, Mr Power, Graham Witt and Bryan McIntyre all catching one. Dave Surtees had a 5lb 8oz personal best Rainbow, Mr Eames is a newcomer to fly fishing and caught his first Rockbourne Trout, Mark Roll had a superb 7lb 8oz Brown from Oak Lake and Bob and Alasdair shared a six fish catch with Rainbows between 5lb and 7lb! Polly braced two 5lb 8oz rainbows, Pat had a stunningly marked Brown, Des Smith braced Rainbows of 5lb and 7lb 12oz and Bryan McIntyre had a 7lb Rainbow. Mark Roll had the third Biggest of the month with a great 15lb 8oz Rainbow from Oak Lake and biggest of the month was a brute of a Rainbow of 16lb 8oz from Alder Lake that fell to the rod Mr R Wear, well done guys. We also held a corporate day for John Lewis Fly Fishing Club and all 24 people that attended caught their 4 fish bag (96 fish caught in total) with the biggest of the day a colossal 15lb 12oz Mirror to Neil Mundy!

October also saw the powerline that ran the length of the lakes finally taken down and buried. This has made a huge difference to the look of the Fishery, not to mention it is much safer for all our anglers.

The successful flies are all the usual suspects: blue flash damsels, stalking bugs, buzzers, sunk and dry daddy’s, PTN’s and GRHE’s all producing. As is gets cooler brighter lures, especially fritz based fly’s will take a lot of fish!

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our Facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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October 2016
October 2016
October 2016
October 2016
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