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Monthly Fishery Report

September 2016

September was a good month for fishing at Rockbourne and we saw the start of a hatch of crane fly’s (daddy’s)which provided some great sport for those that liked to match the hatch. Presenting both dry and sunk daddy’s produced fish. It was another warm and dry month but the evenings have noticeably started drawing in and the first chills of autumn could be felt in the mornings. The cooler nights helped drop the water temperatures, which improved the fishing. Plenty of fish are still sitting high in the water so as usual there were plenty of stalking opportunities!

Matt Lucas caught his first fly caught trout with a 4lb Rainbow, regular Will Francis was made up after catching his first Blue and season rod Steve Budden landed 6 fish in one session. We held our fishing competition on the 10th and it was very well attended with over 40 people all enjoying some fishing and a very tasty BBQ lunch. In all over 60 fish were caught with Des Smith winning the competition with a superb 8lb 10oz Rainbow! A few days after the competition season rod Graham Witt caught three Rainbows weighing in at 7lb 8oz, 7lb 8oz and 7lb 12oz and on the same day Danny, Mr Crumby and Mr Davies all caught an 8lb Rainbow. Mr Newman caught a superb 6lb Blue, Ellen and Simon caught their first ever trout each and father and son Craig and Sean also caught their first trout on a fly rod too! Mr Drewitt had one of the biggest fish of the month with a fine 10lb 4oz Rainbow from Alder, season rod David Young caught 13 fish over a weekend with the biggest a 6lb 8oz Rainbow and Ian Leach had a 6lb Rainbow. Mr Crumby visited us a second time and caught a 6lb Rainbow, Robert Hall had a cracking 8lb Rainbow, Pauline caught her first trout while having a lesson, season rod Mr Harding had a 6lb’er and Richard Prior caught an 8lb 8oz Rainbow. We also held a BBQ for our valued season rods, which proved very popular and was enjoyed by all with plenty of fish caught. Season rod Mike Smith brought his son along and he caught a fantastic 9lb Rainbow, Steve Brett had a 11lb Pinky, season rod Bob Lewis caught a fin perfect 11lb 8oz Rainbow from Alder Lake on a hairs ear and father and son Mr T and M Roll caught a 13lb 3oz Rainbow and 9lb rainbow!

The successful flies have not changed that much, with all the usual suspects taking fish regularly: blue flash damsels, stalking bugs, buzzers, sunk and dry daddy’s, PTN’s and GRHE’s all producing. As is gets cooler brighter lures, especially fritz based fly’s will take a lot of fish!

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our Facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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