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Monthly Fishery Report

April 2015

April has seen everything burst into life; the bluebells are out in all their glory and look beautiful against the lush vibrant greens of Spring, the reeds, sedge and iris are growing taller by the day along the lake margins, providing anglers some much needed cover to sneak up on their quarry! The frog and toad spawn has hatched and thousands of tadpoles are now on the menu for our hungry trout and because of this montana’s are proving particularly successful. The insect life is abundant with alder fly, sedge, black knat’s, midge and some daddy’s giving the dry fly angler a few options to try. Red and blue damsels are now hatching by their hundreds on the sunnier days so damsel nymphs are an excellent choice as they make up a huge part of the trout’s diet through the warmer months. One of our Mallards has successfully hatched a brood of 10 fluffy ducklings, which can be seen waddling around the lakes and we also have a pair of beautiful Mandarin ducks around the Fishery, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed they breed successfully!

April has always been an excellent month for fishing at Rockbourne and this April has been no different. The rainbows and blues averaged at a great 3-4lb with many 5lb-7lb plus specimens caught, too many to mention in fact! The best blue caught was a fantastic 9lb 8oz specimen to day rod Mr Grimshaw, caught from Oak Lake and the biggest rainbow was a personal best and chunky old warrior of 14lbs to season rod Roger Greenstreet. Roger’s son in law, Mick Ayton , not to be outdone by Roger caught a fishery record arctic char of 9lbs and what a truly magnificent fish it was, indeed it is one of the biggest char to ever have been caught in the UK!! Two other anglers were also lucky enough to catch a big char each, with Roger Edwards taking a superb 8lb 4oz fish and Thamanoon taking one of 7lb 4oz! Thamanoons friend Virot took a great 10lb 4oz rainbow the same day and between then they also caught others of 5lb, 6lb and 8lb! Mr Newman caught a fantastic conditioned rainbow of 12lb 8oz and season rod Mrs Penrose took a lovely 9lb rainbow and Mr Lovelock took a great 11lb 12oz rainbow from Pine. There have also been some smaller char in the 3lb region caught along with some pinkys around the 4lb mark. Tactic wise stalking is a fantastic method now the light levels are increasing by the day and Oak Lake in particular is fantastic for this as it is tap water clear! The fish have again been sitting very high in the water so for the more purist angler out there, dry fly fishing is a great option and some great sport has been had. Late afternoon into early evening seems to be the best time to tempt fish on dry’s with early morning seeing slightly larger patterns of damsel or montana the best option and smaller more imitative patterns being the choice of fly as the day progresses.
We managed to open our beautiful little chalk stream, Sweatfords Water, slightly earlier than anticipated and the first pair of anglers to fish it had some challenging but rewarding few hours of stalking some beautiful wild browns. The water is crystal clear and the trout very wily and in tune with their surroundings, so a very stealthy approach is needed to outwit these fish and is suited to the more experienced fly fisher using a short 6 or 7 foot rod of #2-3 and a floating line. If you are interested in fishing this little piece of paradise please contact us to book.


That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.


Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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Mick Ayton Fishery Record Char
lb 12oz
Mr Grimshaw 9lb Blue
Mrs Penrose 9bl Rainbow Trout Ducklings Mr bNewman 12bl Rainbow Trout
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