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Monthly Fishery Report

April 2016

Another very mixed month with regards to weather, with some beautiful sunny spring days, some very cold frosty mornings and a good bit of rain thrown in for good measure also! The fishery is looking much greener now and the increased light levels and water clarity are providing excellent conditions for sight fishing.

April has always been a good month for fishing and it hasn’t disappointed this time round. There have been many fish caught with some very happy anglers and a couple of weekends where nearly 100 fish have been caught.

Some of the excellent captures are listed below. The biggest fish of the month was caught by John Groombridge of the Poole and Wimborne Fly Fishing Club when he landed a magnificent 11lb Brown from Alder Lake. Steve Dee caught a personal best 4lb 2oz Rainbow after having an hours’ tuition, Rich Phillips caught a superb 8lb 2oz Pinky and 5lb 8oz Blue. Regular Richard Prior caught a lovely 7lb 4oz Rainbow, Jeremy Klemz caught a 8lb 8oz Rainbow and new comer to fly fishing John Barker braced Rainbows of 7lb and 7lb 4oz! Steve managed to superb blues of 5lb 8oz and 4lb 8oz, Jamie Downing caught a 7lb Rainbow and Kevin Randle also caught a blue that weighed in at 6lb 4oz. The second biggest fish of the month was a brutish looking Rainbow of 10lb 8oz to Elliot and not far behind was season rod Mr Turvey with a 9lb 8oz Rainbow, Pat caught a Rainbow of 8lb 8oz and David had one of 8lb 12oz! Chad, Mr Jagiellio and Stephen Allen all caught a superb Arctic Char. We also had four tagged fish caught this month with Mr Walker, Mr Williams, Kev Kniveton and Mr Austin all netting themselves a cash prize.

Blue flash damsels are catching plenty of fish with other more imitative patterns such as sunk daddys, GRHE’s, PTN’s and buzzers also accounting for some fantastic catches. Montanas in particular are doing very well, probably due to the abundance of tadpoles in the lakes. Brighter lures have not been as successful and this is usually the case as we come to the warmer months.

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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April 2016
April 2016
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