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Monthly Fishery Report

August 2017

August was much the same as July - very warm at times but with some welcome relief from the heat when the heavens opened up. When we had the cooler, wetter weather the fish were certainly more active and the sport was more consistent throughout the day. On the warmer days sport was noticeably better in the mornings and late afternoon/early evening.

With the water so clear the angler that can accurately target fish without spooking them with unnecessary casting will out fish anglers that blind cast across the lake. If you can watch your fly do so – the takes at this time of year can be lightning quick and fast reactions are needed to set the hook. I’ve lost count of how many people I see totally unaware that a fish has taken their fly. If you can’t see your fly then watch the fly line for any indications of a take – strike at anything out of the ordinary, unfortunately we don’t always get a thump down the line and rod when a fish takes the fly!

Best flies   

Same as last month. Pheasant tail nymphs, Hares ears, stalking bugs, buzzers, damsels, montanas, stonefly nymphs and sunk daddys. Summer really is the time for natural patterns – but if you are really struggling to get a reaction from the above flies don’t be afraid of trying something bright or flashy – it is fishing after all and the rules are always changing!

August can be a tough month with warm water temperatures and bright days but our anglers have had some fantastic sport. There have in fact been eleven double figure Rainbows caught and quite a few back up fish in the high singles (8-9lb). Most of these big fish were stalked or targeted in one way or another. Below is a list of the lucky captors:

Mark Roll x 2 10lb Rainbows
David x 2 10lb Rainbows
David Phillips 12lb 2oz Rainbow
Dave Ivey 10lb 12oz Rainbow – personal best
Mr Prevett – 12lb Rainbow
Phil Lambert 11lb Rainbow
Tom Humby 11lb 10oz Rainbow – personal best
David Blese 10lb 8oz Rainbow – first visit to fishery
Darren Devey 10lb 8oz – personal best

Season rod Mr Skelton caught his first Brown along with a personal best rainbow of 7lb 12oz, Alan Drewitt, Tony Huntrach, Mr Lambert, Ian and Steve all caught a brace of Tigers and Mr Richards, Mr Prevett, Lyn and Adam all caught one Tiger each. George had a couple of hours fly fishing tuition and caught his first ever fish with a 3lb 2oz Rainbow, Mr Rothwell and Mr Rescorle both caught a Tiger trout each and Mr Newman caught a tagged fish, which netted him £100. Graham Witt had an 8lb Rainbow and Mr Manston, Stefan Osnowski and Alan Drewitt all caught Rainbows of 9lb 8oz.

We like to provide our anglers with a variety of species or colour variations to keep the fishing as interesting as possible The end of the month saw us stock our first batch of Golden Trout into the lakes and you can click the link to see a video of this. They have proved extremely popular and we have plenty more growing on for the future. The first day after stocking saw Tony roll bag two and Danny, Mr Butler, Mr Lambert and Darren Waters all bagging one!

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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