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Monthly Fishery Report

July 2015

Another month of very changeable weather with cold almost frost like conditions very early morning to blazing sunshine, torrential down pours and very blustery conditions! It means the fish have not always been settled from one day to the next but despite this our anglers have caught plenty of fish and we’ve had many very happy new faces at the fishery, which is what like to see!!

As is the norm at this time of the year fishing first thing in the morning or the latter part of the day is usually the most productive with fish always a little trickier to tempt from late morning to mid-afternoon. But tempted they can be! Our six lakes are intimate places and the fish always find some nice shady cover to tuck them selves away under to hide from the bright conditions (and a lot of our anglers!). The more keen eyed angler will often find fish in such places and with plenty of stealth and a bit of luck a fish or two can often be tempted. Top flies for ‘stalking’ are usually weighted bugs that sink quickly and a range of colours, usually olives, blacks or browns will take fish and the old faithful PTN’s and GRHE’s in smaller size 16s or 18s can prove deadly. A much over looked method when creeping around under the trees is to place your chosen fly on the bottom and then twitch it up in front of an approaching fish, if you can see your fly watch this or if not, watch the fish to see when it ‘mouths’ your fly and STRIKE!!

There have been literally hundreds of fish caught this months with the average size 4lb + with dozens caught in the 5lb – 7lb bracket. The largest fish of the month was a 13lb 4oz Rainbow caught by Graham Witt, with Keith Snetton taking one on 12lb 8oz and Ian Tramaseur a PB of 12lb! Ashley Phillips broke his PB six times in one day with fish up to 6lb 7oz, Bob Lewis had plenty of fish with the best rainbows 9lb and 8lb this month, Barry Hall had his best fish at Rockbourne with an 8lb’er, Trevor Torrington had fish to 7lb, first time Rockbourne visitor Gavin Welch took 12 fish over two days and will be back very soon and Season rod Roger had a cracking day taking 8 fish up to 7lb and Ian Milford had an 8lb 4oz Rainbow. The youngster that fish Rockbourne have had some great fish also with Ryan Archer taking a PB 5lb 8oz Rainbow and Brothers Niall and Hugo Whitehorn also getting amongst the fish with Hugo catch his first ever trout with an 8lb’er and Nail a PB of 6lb 8oz!

Some fantastic fish have been caught I’m sure you would all agree! Top flies are the stalking bugs already mentioned and the hugely popular blue flash damsel, which I would guess, have taken 80% of the fish caught this month and for some reason the fish have also taken a liking for bright lures!

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery


Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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