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Monthly Fishery Report

July 2017

July has been very warm at times but we have had some welcome relief on a few days when the heavens opened up, alas a lot of it may have run off and made the grass grow quicker but it did also help to cool the lakes down a bit. The fish were noticeably more active on the days after we had some of the wet stuff and were more willing to accept our angler’s offerings.

The successful tactics and flies are much the same as last months and this is usually the case through the summer and in to early autumn. So to recap:

Best tactic

Pick out individual fish to target. If possible watch the fly in the water, don’t be in a hurry to retrieve the fly as fish will often take it on the drop. Time the strike to when the fish sucks the fly in. If you can’t see your fly but can see the fish you’ve cast to – watch its reaction you may see its mouth open as it takes the fly, if so strike!

Best flies   

Pheasant tail nymphs, Hares ears, stalking bugs, buzzers, damsels, montanas, stonefly nymphs and sunk daddys. Summer really is the time for natural patterns – but if you are really struggling to get a reaction from the above flies don’t be afraid of trying something bright or flashy – it is fishing after all and the rules are always changing! 

The sport has stayed consistent through July with lots of fish caught but those anglers that fished as outlined above were by far the most successful. Alan Drewitt proved this by successfully stalking a superb 11lb Rainbow from Bridge Lake in hot and bright conditions. Graham Witt stalked a Tiger Trout from Spring Lake, Ashley Dean caught his first Tiger as part of a four fish catch that also included two Rainbows and a Sandy and Steve Brett also managed to tempt a Tiger from Spring. Darren Waters caught a personal best 6lb 12oz Rainbow along with his first Tiger Trout, Mr Rothwell also caught a Tiger and Martin was visiting from Norway and had a guided fishing session and caught two Rainbows with one being a personal best 5lb 2oz fish! Martin Hill caught a brace of 4lb 8oz Rainbows and topped them off with a 7lb 4oz Rainbow that was also tagged, netting himself £100! Chris and Steve both had an hours lesson as they are fairly new to fly fishing and went out on to the lakes after, they returned with three fish including a stunning Tiger Trout to Chris and Steve Jennings also caught a Tiger Trout on his first visit to the fishery along with a Rainbow. There have been a number of big fish out too with David catching a 9lb Rainbow, Chris Maxted also caught a 9lb Rainbow which was a personal best, Mr Buckingham caught an immaculate Rainbow of 10lb 4oz from Longacre that was a personal best and Jayden Smith who is 6 years old caught a whooping 10lb 8oz Rainbow with a little help from dad Mike! There were also three anglers that all caught 12lb Rainbows and the lucky captors were Mark Roll, Alan Howard and Ian Leach – well done guys!

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our Facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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July 2017
July 2017
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July 2017
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