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Monthly Fishery Report

March 2015

March is the month when we know spring has really arrived here at the Fishery. The Bluebells in the woods that started to pop their heads above ground in February have now formed a carpet of green and it won’t be long until they transform in to a carpet of blue. The Daffodils have been in full bloom providing some much needed colour and life. The Hawthorn bushes are sporting vibrant green leaves and the Iris are growing taller by the day. The Marsh Marigolds are giving a splash of bright yellow with their large buttercup shaped flowers along our chalk stream, Sweatfords Water. The birds are certainly louder and much busier too with many seen going to and fro from their chosen nesting place with a beak full of twigs. The unmistakable croaks of frogs and toads can be heard around the lakes as they take part in their annual ritual. Another recent visitor to the Fishery is a beautiful barn owl that has been seen regularly down at Longacre and will hopefully nest there too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Hopefully, many of you will have heard that we are opening our beautiful little chalk stream, Sweatfords Water, this season. We are busy getting it ready to open at the beginning of May. We have cleared some trees to let more light in to the stream to help encourage some weed growth that will provide cover for the wild Brownies. We’ve also been hard at work creating a walk way through the boggy ground to make fishing a more pleasant and less muddy affair. It really is an exciting project and I’m sure those lucky enough to fish it will appreciate what a fantastic little gem it is! If you’re interested in fishing it please contact us ASAP as the fishing will be strictly limited.

On the fishing front, the sport has been excellent with fish sitting high in the water and combined with the increasing light levels, spotting fish is getting easier by the day. The trout can be seen sipping at the surface most days, delicately taking emergers, so presenting small dry’s or patterns that sit in the surface film or just below has been a great tactic and has enabled some to target individual fish. Season rod Bob Lewis did just that and tricked a fine 7lb’er along with two others at the beginning of the month on small dry fly. Lures and large nymphs, such as montanas, damsels, cats whiskers and dancers, are taking plenty of fish and seem to work best on a fast retrieve.

There have been numerous 5lb – 7lb fish caught by many anglers. The average weight this month is around the 4lb mark, with the largest being a 12lb Rainbow caught by Mr. Croft from Spring Lake towards the end of the month. Another catch of note was a stunning 7lb Dark Blue to a young angler on the last day of the month, well done! Season rod Graham Witt took two Char of 3lb a piece and also managed a stunning 4lb Brown that had superb markings! Season rod Roger Edwards always manages to get amongst the fish and has taken Rainbows of up to 9lb and Pinkies up to 6lb 4oz the past month with plenty of 4lb+ back up fish and most of Roger’s captures were stalked as well. The biggest Brown of the month was caught by Mr Thammanoon and weighed in at a great 7lb 10oz!  

The fish of the month and also the winning fish of our quarterly ‘Best Fish’ competition goes to season rod Richard Prior for his capture of a huge fishery record Blue Trout of 9lb 12oz and will receive a two fish ticket prize. A very well done from all the team here at RTF!

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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