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Monthly Fishery Report

May 2015

May has been a month full of life at the Fishery, all the vegetation is lush and green, the yellow and purple Iris are in full bloom, our ducklings are growing bigger by the day as they gorge themselves on the abundant fly life and the chicks of various songbirds can be heard up in the trees. The trout are voracious at this time of year and can often be seen chasing the tadpoles or hitting in to the shoals of small roach fry. A good tactic is to strip back lures in the early part of the day before the sun gets too high in the sky, when a switch to smaller more imitative patterns will usually keep sport coming. The 1st of May was the day we spotted our first Mayfly and most evenings have seen a hatch of this iconic chalk stream species and unsurprisingly the trout didn’t take long to recognise this new food source. We have also seen our first dragonflies and demoiselles but they have been too quick for me to manage to photograph yet!

May has traditionally been a fantastic month for fishing and this May has not disappointed. The average fish size is still in excess of 3lbs and many are 4lb+ and there have been literally hundreds of fish caught with too many in the 3lb – 5lb category to count!! The highlight of the month was the capture of a Fishery record Blue Trout to Richard Wadsworth with a fantastic 10lb 8oz fish on May 4th but unfortunately for Richard only 19 days later the record was broken again with a magnificent 11lb 8oz specimen to Mark Huggett! For those that love big blues watch this space!

The biggest fish of the month was a 15lb Rainbow to day angler Andy Hill and not too far behind was season rod Dave Robb with a 14lb 8oz Rainbow. First time visitor to Rockbourne Brad caught his four fish including a great 11lb 8oz Rainbow and on the same day Bill West caught a Rainbow of 11lb!! Another day saw four 8lb+ fish caught with one brown and three rainbows, exceptional fishing! The browns have been proving very popular and there are plenty in the lakes and we also have many more to put in. We still have Arctic Char in the lakes and we have had a few caught this last month but they are certainly proving tricky to tempt. I think the main reason for this is that they often sit very close to the margins and most anglers spook them before they’ve cast a fly to them, so the Char are already on edge. Top flys for the month are damsels and montana’s, especially early morning or late afternoon. Through the middle part of the day  try fishing smaller buzzers/stalking bugs or small dry fly’s that have been wetted down to drift enticingly just below the surface. Also in the latter part of the day fishing dry fly’s such as mayfly (when hatching), spinners, black knats or sedge should tempt a few fish. An often overlooked tactic by many is a patient stalking approach under the trees, try letting your stalking bug sink to the lake bed under the canopy and then slowly twitching it up in front of a fish as it swims by. The fish are used to having flies cast at them and can become wary, so this tactic can often fool those fish.

Our Chalk stream has fished well through May with many wild fish and stockies caught. We have let some angler’s fish a nymph on the more challenging occasions but most of time the fish can be tempted to rise to dry fly. Just remember to use a very stealthy approach to outwit them.

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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