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Monthly Fishery Report

May 2016

The fishery is looking beautifully lush and green, the lakes are gin clear and the fishing has been fishing exceptional! May has always been an excellent fishing month and is hasn’t disappointed this time round. We also had a tawny owl nest on the fishery and managed to get some great shots of her and her offspring!

There have been 100’s of fish caught and below is a snapshot of some of those captures. The average weight is still around the 4lb Mark with many 5-6lb fish caught each week.

The biggest fish of the month was caught by Graham Witt with an 11lb 8oz Rainbow from Alder Lake, not far behind was Ian Perry with a superb 11lb 4oz Rainbow that he backed up with an 8lb’er too and the third biggest was a 10lb 12oz Rainbow to Dai Gingell. Season rod Robert Hall had a 6lb 10oz Rainbow, Bryan McIntyre caught a 7lb Rainbow and Jonathan Mckay had a 6 fish catch. Mr Browning and Pat both landed 6lb’ers, Les Willson caught a 7lb Rainbow on his first visit in over a year, and Marek also had a 7lb Rainbow. Nicola caught her personal best fish with a 6lb Rainbow, Gavin Welch also had a personal best with a great 9lb Rainbow and new season rod Arthur Perrett had a great start to his ticket when he caught an 8lb 4oz Rainbow. Mr Withers caught a superb 9lb 4oz Rainbow, Jon Lancaster had an immaculate 9lb 12oz Rainbow, Robin and Luke both had tuition and both caught a 6lb Rainbow each and season rod Dave Welland had a beautiful Arctic Char! Second Chance Charity had a day with us and it was incredibly successful with over 100 fish caught and we also held a fishing competition, which was won by Kieron Woodside with a 9lb 6oz Rainbow and chose the half season ticket as his prize. Kieron then went on to catch a 7lb 10oz Rainbow on a dry  and 15 Brownies from our chalk stream on his next visit!

Blue flash damsels are catching plenty of fish with other more imitative patterns such as sunk daddys, GRHE’s, PTN’s and buzzers also accounting for some fantastic catches. Brighter lures have not been as successful and this is usually the case as we come to the warmer months.

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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April 2016
April 2016
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