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Monthly Fishery Report

May 2018

May is always a beautiful time at the fishery with it all looking very lush and green with plenty of wildlife and insect life around. The fishing has been excellent as is usual with May and it’s been a great month for big fish captures. There have been 100’s of fish caught and below is a snapshot of some of those captures. The average weight is still around the 4lb Mark with many 5-6lb fish caught each week.

Ian had a good days fishing when he set out to target some Brownies and came up trumps with two fine 4lb+ fish that fell to a copper john nymph, Fred also caught a cracking Brown of 6lb and regular Mr Perrett had a vividly pink Rainbow of 6lb. George was visiting us for the first time while on holiday from the USA and caught a superb 5lb 8oz Blue, Alan Drewitt caught a few fish as usual and braced a stunning Golden and Blue, both of which were 5lb+. Keith Richards popped in for an evening session and walked away a very happy man after targeting and then catching an 8lb 8oz Rainbow from Longacre, Scotty and his son Harry and a mornings tuition and only 5 mins after they were let loose on their own Scotty caught a 9lb Rainbow after casting to it and they both went on to catch another two Rainbows and a Blue! Kelvin spent a couple of hours stalking some big fish in Alder and his persistence paid off when he caught a 10lb 8oz Rainbow on a red flash damsel, Gavin also slipped his net under a 10lb 8oz Rainbow from Oak and Mark placed an accurate cast to a big fish in Alder, which promptly took his variation on a blue flash damsel and weighed in at 11lb 4oz!! Kieron had the biggest of the month with a superb 12lb 1oz Rainbow and Mr Rothwell fished a green and black montana deep through the first bay on Spring Lake after seeing a big fish a few minutes before and promptly landed the 10lb specimen. Phillip Danby and James Horniman of the Fishmongers Fly Fishing Society had two great Rainbows of 11lb 8oz and 9lb 14oz respectively!

Blue flash damsels are catching plenty of fish with other more imitative patterns such as sunk daddys, GRHE’s, PTN’s, buzzers and stalking bugs also accounting for some fantastic catches. Brighter lures have not been as successful and this is usually the case as we come to the warmer months. The best method for catching the larger fish is always to be patient and stalk them. It can sometimes take many casts and dozens of fly changes until you find what they want. If you can see that the fish have a patrol route that they keep repeating then place the fly on the lake bed on this route and when the fish approaches twitch the fly very slowly up in to their field of vision – it takes practice but can be deadly in the right situation!

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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