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Monthly Fishery Report

September 2017

September was an excellent month for the fishery with hundreds of fish caught! We had some slightly cooler weather, which really switched the fish on and lots of our anglers walked away with a new personal best.

This time of year is a transition between the Summer and Autumn and we had some exceptionally warm days with some very chilly mornings too. We also had a bit more rain, which always freshens’ everything up at this time of year. As is usual the mornings and early evenings were the most productive periods with the fish a little harder to tempt in the middle part of the day, especially on those clear and bright days. Many fish could be found in and around cover with weed beds and under the overhanging braches of tress particular favourites. As some of the lakes were so clear a little thought on how you presented your fly went a long way in achieving success.

The average fish size for the month was still in the 3-4lb bracket with many 5lb+ fish caught also. There were some exceptional fish caught, which included 17 double figure fish! The biggest of the month was caught by Frank Smith with a 14lb 4oz Rainbow but close behind was Mark Roll with a 14lb 1oz Rainbow – Mark also caught Rainbows of 9lb and 12lb 8oz and Frank had another one of 10lb. Kieron Woodside had an exceptional month with 3 big Rainbows weighing in at 13lb, 10lb 8oz and 9lb and also a superb Brown of 9lb 8oz. Other doubles fell to – Martin Hill with a 10lb Rainbow, Don Lawson with a 11lb Rainbow, Father and son Ian and Joe both had 10lb 8oz Rainbows, James with a 10lb Rainbow, Andrew Smith with a 11lb 8oz Rainbow, Tony Roll with a 13lb 8oz Rainbow, Kelvin Hinton with a personal best 13lb 12oz Rainbow, Peter Jackman and Joe fuller with 10lb Rainbows and last but not least Shaun Davies with a 12lb 8oz Rainbow! There were plenty of back up fish too with Peter Webb landing a 9lb 8oz Rainbow, Graham Witt stalked a 7lb+ Rainbow, David Phillips took a 8lb 12oz Rainbow, Mr Mabey caught a 8lb 8oz Rainbow, season rod Ashley caught a personal best 8lb Rainbow, Nr Gray and Alan Drewitt both caught 7lb 8oz fish, Vincent Webb an Mr Begg both caught 8lb 8oz fish and Vince landed a 9lb 12oz Rainbow. Sam Parry, David Hollis, Darren Water, Adrian Forrest and Jayden all caught golden Trout. Over a two day period Mark and Tony Roll caught 9 Tiger Trout and tigers also fell to the rods of John Pike, Alan Brand, Keith Drake, Robert Underhill, Pat, Alan Fleet, Les Thomas, Sam Parry, Reg Derrick and Darren Spavins.

Some fantastic fish have been caught I’m sure you would all agree?  Blue flash damsels are still taking many fish but there was a definite switch to daddys (dry and wet) half way through September. Bright lures, especially cat’s whiskers are also taking more fish with each week that passes.

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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