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One of Hampshire's Finest Trout Fisheries

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Stocked and Wild Fish Species

Rainbow Trout

The most commonly stocked trout in the UK. Native to Pacific coast, Rainbow Trout are now stocked globally as a sport fish due to their fast growth and strong fighting characteristics. Colour can vary from olive green to grey across the back, often with dark black spots across the body and most fish exhibit a pink/crimson stripe along their lateral line. Often very active and  the easiest fish to catch, although the larger specimens have the ability to drive even the best fly fishers mad when ignoring their flies!

Rainbow Trout

Arctic Char

A beautiful fish that is native to some waters in the UK. The flanks are usually an olive colour  with small white spots and an under belly that can range from cream, to pale orange to bright orange. The pectoral, pelvic and anal fins have a white leading edge and are often large for the size of fish. These fish like to shoal so if you find one then the rest aren’t usually far away. One of the trickiest fish to tempt but we’ve found they like bright flies (pink/orange) and a slow retrieve or a fly fished on the drop of even on the bottom.

Pinky Trout


Pinky Trout are another colour variation on the standard Rainbow Trout. Often dark puple/pink to black along the back with very pinky red colouration along the flanks, usually with no spots. There is no mistaking these rare fish if you catch one! Same habits as Rainbows and tempted by the same flies.

Wild Brown Trout Wild Brown

Brown Trout

Brown Trout are our native trout and can vary in colour from light to dark brown across the back changing to a more golden colour on the belly and most fish will exhibit black spots with some fish also having  some red spots mixed in too. Often prized by anglers and usually more tricky to tempt by anglers, they also have a tendency to sit deep within the lakes. The large specimens often go months without getting caught!

Brown Trout

Sandy and Golden Trout

Just like the Blue Trout, Sandy and Golden’s are a colour variation of a standard Rainbow Trout. Sandy’s are much paler and a light sand colour while the Golden’s can be a very bright yellow to orange colour! They certainly stand out but are not always the easiest to catch. Often sit deeper than the Blues and Rainbows, probably due to an instinct to keep away from predation!

Golden Trout

Tiger Trout

Tiger Trout are a hybrid between a Brook Trout and Brown Trout that rarely happens in the wild. The Markings can be wild with swirls and stripes usually in black or olive. Colour variations can be great from almost all olive to brown to golds and some fish will have a bright orange under belly. Most fish will exhibit a leading white edge on the anal and pelvic fins. They can have very sharp teeth and can be tricky to tempt and like to stay deep.

Tiger Trout

Blue Trout

A colour variation of the Rainbow Trout. Colour can vary from sky blue to dark blue and don’t often exhibit the black spots or crimson stripe of standard Rainbow Trout. Noted as a great fighting that will often leap clear out of the water when hooked! The larger fish can look stunning!

Blue Trout

Spartic Trout

Spartic Trout are a cross between an Arctic Char and a Brook Trout and are the rarest fish we stock. Colouration varies but are often olive green to dark grey across the back and flanks of the trout with small pink and white spots, a creamy orange underbelly, fins edged in white and mottled/swirled markings across the back.


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