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Monthly Fishery Report

June 2018

June has seen Summer well and truly take hold of the Fishery with temperatures regularly rising to the upper 20’s, especially in the second half of the month. The high temperatures along with lowering ground water levels have combined to create some fairly tricky fishing conditions in the afternoon. The most consistent sport came in the first couple of hours in the morning and then late afternoon and into the evening. Fish were still caught through the middle part of the day but the trout were generally unwilling to chase down flies or lures. This called for accurate casts in front of fish where the fly would fall within inches of the fish or blind casting followed by a very slow retrieve. Small black nymphs such as montanas, buzzers, stalking bugs, ptns, grhes and small green nymphs have been the most successful patterns. When the fish seem to be milling around in the shade they seem to be less easily spooked so one can afford to keep casting to a fish until the presentation is just right. Most lakes also saw the fish rising sporadically through the day and larger patterns such as daddy’s, sedge or grey wolfs would tempt a fish to rise. This is now the time to stalk fish as they are often concentrated in to pockets around the lakes – usually under some cover or in the deeper holes, so please use your eyes as there can often be large areas of fishless water.

Despite the sometimes difficult conditions there have still been some excellent fish caught by our anglers with the average size 3- 4lb. There hasn’t been a shortage of big fish caught either, especially the first half of June. Michael Evans caught the joint biggest fish of the month with a 13lb 8oz Rainbow from Longacre and Chad Goymer won our fishing competition with a fish of exactly the same size and also from Long acre, with Chad choosing the half season ticket as his prize! Chad also caught a 9lb Rainbow from Bridge and a 6lb Sandy! Chris Bright had the second biggest fish of the comp with a superb 11lb 14oz Rainbow, Kennie landed a Rainbow of 10lb on the nose and Alan Drewitt braced a 9lb  Rainbow and 5lb Sandy. James Maidment had a huge brace of Rainbows from Alder with fish of 11lb 10oz and 12lb 2oz, Mark Roll had an 11lb Rainbow, Keith Richards caught an immaculate 8lb 8oz Rainbow and Paul Warmington slipped his net under a 10lb 4oz Rainbow. Regular Pat landed a 8lb Rainbow, Martin Hill had 12lb Rainbow and Tom Humby caught a 12lb 12oz Rainbow from Spring and Keith had a 11lb Rainbow and Harry a 10lb 1oz Rainbow!

June also saw the first stocking of the stunning Spartic Trout and these have proved very popular although in the heart wave we have had, they have proved tricky to tempt. The first one was caught by Kit who was part of a fishing club from Bishop Wordsworth’s School and Mark, James and Kieron also caught them with Kieron managing two! I expect once we get some cooler weather they will be more obliging!

Our Chalk Steam, Sweatfords Water, has fished excellently due its cooler water and the trout are very active with the fish rising through most of the day some beautiful wild Brownies have been caught.

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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