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Monthly Fishery Report

April 2018

April has seen everything burst into life; The Daffodils and bluebells are out in all their glory and look beautiful against the lush vibrant greens of Spring, the reeds, sedge and iris are growing taller by the day along the lake margins, providing anglers some much needed cover to sneak up on their quarry! The frog and toad spawn has hatched and thousands of tadpoles are now on the menu for our hungry trout and because of this montana’s are proving particularly successful. The insect life is abundant with alder fly, sedge, black knat’s, midge and some daddy’s giving the dry fly angler a few options to try. Red and blue damsels are starting to hatch on the sunnier days so damsel nymphs are an excellent choice as they make up a huge part of the trout’s diet through the warmer months. We also have a pair of beautiful Mandarin ducks around the Fishery, so we’re keeping our fingers cross they breed successfully!

April has always been a superb month for fishing at Rockbourne and this April has been no different. Hundreds of fish have been caught with a good helping specimen fish too including a some great Browns. Alan Drewitt has had a particularly good month and fish included in his catches have been Rainbows of 9lb, 8lb 8oz, 8lb 9oz, 8lb and 9lb, Browns of 8lb 14oz, 6lb 8oz and 8lb 12oz, Tigers to 4lb and Blues to 5lb and he topped it off with a tagged fish, which won him £100! Ian Porton had an exceptional days fishing taking 12 fish, with 10 of them taken on a Boobie on a fast sink line, Ians friend Colin landed a big Rainbow of 10lb 8oz and Dean Graimes had a superb Blue of 8lb! Mr Allen had a cracking Brown of 7lb 12oz, Steve Perry stalked two beautiful Tigers and a superb Arctic Char, Paul Rogers caught a 4lb Tiger and landed the biggest Blue of the month with an 8lnb 8oz specimen. Mr Lucas had a lovely Brown of 6lb 8oz on a short evening session Mr Quilliam also had a Brown of 5lb 12oz, Guy caught a 10lb 6oz Rainbow on his first visit to the fishery and Mr Smith had the biggest Brown by far with an excellent 10lb 4oz fish! Terry had a day to remember by catching a 7lb Brown, 7lb 8oz Blue and a 10lb Rainbow, Aaron House caught the biggest of the month with an immaculate 10lb 12oz Rainbow that was also a personal best and season rod Mr Vintcent also caught a personal best with a 10lb Rainbow. David Palmer had a cracking 6lb Brown on a dry fly from Spring Lake, Rupert Murray landed a 10lb Rainbow and Bob caught a lovely Rainbow of 10lb 1oz which won him the cup for the Portsmouth Navy Fly Fishing Competition that they held here, which saw over 50 fish caught! Owen Reeves organised a Macmillan charity day at the fishery with Neil winning the cup with a fish of 10lb 8oz and we also held our trout masters fishoff with Grant winning the senior fish off with 14lb 12oz, which included a 9lb Rainbow and Jayden winning the junior fish off with 13lb 8oz!

The usual suspects are taking the majority of fish with damsels, ptn’s, grhe’s and montanas very popular. Some fish are still coming to larger more colourful lures and stalking bugs are an excellent choice for stalking fish in close. Dry fly action has been good with fish seeming to prefer larger patterns such as sedge, Wullf’s or daddy’s. Indeed some anglers have had excellent sport stripping bobbies across the surface!

That’s all for this month but keep an eye on our facebook page for up to date catches and information about the Fishery.

Simeon Osborn
Fishery Manager

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